Detroitblog is a biweekly column of stories in the Metro Times newspaper.

I’m a local journalist at one newspaper also writing for the Metro Times under the byline Detroitblogger John

Detroitblog started as a way to share local, personal happenings with a handful of former Detroit-born friends who had moved out of state, and consisted mostly of anything Detroit related, which amounted to faintly amusing tales of me being drunk around town, among other instances of ridiculous behavior.

Then I started inviting myself into abandoned skyscrapers and photographing the architecture, posting the results with some researched history, so that transformed the site and gave it focus. The Metro Times wrote a profile at that time.

Now it’s features stories about extraordinary people and places in Detroit, and is nothing whatsoever like a blog. I like the name, though, so that part stays.

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